April 20, 2012

East Lansing marketing firm wins ‘Pinnacle’ award for charitable event

EAST LANSING, Mich. — Publicom, Inc., a full-service marketing and public relations firm, has won three awards in the 26th Annual PACE Awards competition. PACE Awards are the most prestigious honors in the public relations industry in mid-Michigan.

Publicom’s awards included:

  • Pinnacle Award — for marketing and public relations materials created during Publicom’s annual “Pro Bono Publico!” 24-hour charitable blitz. Category: Shoestring budget campaign.
  • Excellence Award — for a television spot produced for the Detroit Area Diaper Bank. Category: Television public service announcement tactic.
  • Achievement Award — for public relations materials and event coordination for the Lansing Area Federal Credit Union’s (LAFCU’s) “The Great Credit Union Can-Do” food drive. Category: Special events campaign.

“Winning any PACE Award is a particularly gratifying achievement in our industry,” said Lisa O’Connor, president of Publicom. “To win three, including a Pinnacle award, is a testament to the professionals we have working at Publicom and the sophisticated, cutting edge work they do.”

Pro Bono Publico! — a Latin term meaning "for the public good” — is an annual event in which Publicom staffers and freelancers work 24-hours straight developing innovative marketing and public relations materials and campaigns for nonprofit agencies throughout Michigan that couldn’t otherwise afford them.

Last summer’s event helped charities diaper more babies (Detroit Area Diaper Bank – Canton), shelter more homeless, pregnant women (Hannah’s House - Lansing), enrich the minds of more students (Lansing Educational Advancement Foundation - Lansing) and treat more young cancer patients to a great time outdoors (Special Days Camps – Ann Arbor).

This year’s Pro Bono Publico! is scheduled for June 14. Applications are due April 30 and are available at

The PACE Awards are presented annually to public relations practitioners who, in the judgment of their out-of-state peers, have successfully addressed a contemporary issue with exemplary professional skill, creativity and resourcefulness.

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